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Increase your Machines’ Efficiency to its’ Highest Potential

Companies of different industries are investing huge capital on machines. Regardless of the type of business, the machines contribute so much to any company in terms of work efficiency and profit. However, electrical and mechanical parts of a machine won’t forever stay brand new – as it will age and wear over time thus failing to do its’ job.

It will be quite disheartening and disappointing when it happens, especially when your company is in such crucial time of production. So how can you make sure that they are well-maintained to effectively keep up with the workload?

The answer is simple. You need to find the experts who can minimize the downtime of your machines and provide the direct replacements you need. After all, you would like to secure the money you’ve invested on your machines.

There are instances when certain parts are unavailable because the machine becomes too old making it unfortunately an out-dated model. Another thing to consider is when the manufacturers discontinued those particular parts or might have been forcefully shutdown due to such circumstance of going out of business.

It can be troublesome in finding the components or parts required for your machine repair. But it won’t be a problem anymore because Nimbus International is here to take your worries away!

Specializing in industrial and electronic repair highlighting the Baumuller service, you can now be at ease when it comes to the ability to repair any parts or components in any of your equipment.

We are the leading name in providing the highest quality service for system upgrades, troubleshooting, updates for start-up controls and obsolete repairs showcasing a wider range of options for your machines. No matter how big or small your mechanical problems are, you can receive guaranteed excellent customer experience.

Our expertise is not limited as we aim to procure not just the parts you need but to purposely find the perfect solution for each of our customers and clients across Fort Lauderdale!

What Makes Us the Baumuller Motors’ Expert

With the top-notch products and unparalleled service along with the highly-skilled team to assist your every need, Nimbus International has been the partner of many companies or businesses. We don’t simply offer you quick fix solutions but more importantly we aim to provide the best support like no other!

Over the years, we have established unbeatable reputation as the leading provider of Baumuller motor repairs along with calibration service for any intelligent drive and automation systems.

Specifically, we know how Baumuller motors can give your machines the cutting-edge technology and high-quality gear function, so rest assure you are in capable hands. With our knowledge and expertise on Baumuller and over thousands of original manufacturer brands, we always ensure the excellence of your machine promising a guaranteed repair process.

The level of operating efficiency and reliable productivity has been proven by the Baumuller brand and as we take pride in our thorough and well-organized way of handling the problem, you’ll received satisfying results which are in fact true – you can ask our clients and customers who have experienced our service.

Guaranteed Top-Notched Baumuller Service

Our service goes above and beyond the norm that is why we offer specialized and customized repair and replacement solutions for every client and each of our customers. We make sure to take time in evaluating the machine to fully check the cause of failure and the best repair solution to further improve its’ function while performing custom machine work through the use of specialized industrial applications.

Every machinery is consists of definitely complex parts. There are small, medium, large parts and have their own function. Even the strongest part of a machine can sometimes suffer from wreckage or breaking.

If the critical parts fail, it will result in the breakdown of your machine and affect your operations. However, with Nimbus International, you’ll have a competent service partner starting from consultation up to the end process of repair.

Our technicians and overall team are well-trained to administer innovative and solution-oriented solutions. Fuelled with the countless experience which is paired up with superior technical knowledge, every repair is done to its’ designated specifications.

Expect nothing but highest quality which is also backed up with the best warranty offer in any business you can possibly find.

We care for your machine and for your business’ success that is why we have always studied and tailored our repair service to the needs of our clients. We value each customer as we know the uniqueness of every demand which we never fail to meet.

So you don’t have to compromise your machine and your business as well. Let us do the strenuous work of fixing your machine while you can relax and expect positive results at the end of the day!

Nimbus International is your Baumuller System Integrator and Service Partner! Have your machines checked by us and we can upgrade or integrate whatever is needed.

If you have the cutting-edge automation you are a step ahead of your competitors. With us, it is guarantee that you’ll have the best working system for your machine. You can also prevent chances of abominable profit loss, today or in the future.

Faster, Cost Saving and Reliable Repair Solutions!

People often say that in order to experience high quality service, you have to put a big effort and spend lots of money to maintain it once you’ve procured what you want.

So we usually invest on great motors and once it gets broken, we find it heart-breaking and in a way, quote troublesome because you’ll need to find someone who can be trusted on putting it back to work even the service is pricey.

However, you’ll be surprised how you can get the kind of service you like in significantly cost-saving offer! With us, you can find the most reliable support when it comes to extending the life of your equipment.

Apart from our unmatched quality service, we take pride with our customer support. As much as possible, we provide 24/7 customer service all across Fort Lauderdale. The support and technical team work closely with the clients to guarantee that help and answers are given correctly. For those who are inquiring and seeking advice for their machines, we match the business to the right products to ensure the Client-Custom Service you ought to have.

Invest to the right people. Invest on our service and it will be totally worth it because we are the experts who can prove how repair process can be done fast, effectively and at low cost without sacrificing the quality.

You don’t have to resort in buying a new part straight away because we will help you save more by stretching your options. We also aim to stand firm with our purpose of providing fast turnaround and the best warranty choices.

Interest for a consultation? Let us know what is troubling you and we can repair the failed or broken part of your Baumuller motors. For further inquiries, you can contact us for immediate quotation.