​​BUK 622

BUS 621-624

The latest generation of Baumuller's well-known and reliable DC Motors GN series is still fully laminated and has four poles. A compensation winding is available. The output of the new motor generation has been improved significantly. Latest redesign reduced frame size up to two levels at same power, means highest power density and lowest weight possible!! but still maintaining their performance. The DC Motors GNA are standard forced air cooled ( inner air flow ventilation )ventilated through a separate radial fan with filter, protection class IP23.

The BUK 622 extends the capacity of the DC link capacitors for the BUG and BUM series.

If the energy released in the generator (braking) mode of the machine can be used by the machine in the next cycle, the use of the BUK 622 is more efficient than the dissipation of the brake energy in a brake resistor. The brake energy is "temporarily stored" in the BUK 622 and swings between servo motor and BUK.

  • ·         Baumuller Stand Alone Unit BUM 60
  •           BUM 61
  • ·         BUM 62
  • ·         BUM 63
  • ·         BUM 64
  • ·         BKH 62 with Regenerative Power Supply
  • ·         BKH 63 with Regenerative Power Supply
  • ·         Baumuller Multi-Axes-System BUS/BUG
  • ·         Baumuller Single Axis Servo Amplifier BUM 618/619
  • ·         Chopper Unit BUB 622
  • ·         Breaking-Resistor-Unit BUR 622
  • ·         Capacitor-Unit BUK 622
  • ·         BKD/BKF 7000 Type your paragraph here.

Electric Motors

Baumuller's Built In Motors meet the increasing demands for extremely compact drive systems . Via integrating the stator and the rotor directly into the machine's design, there is no torsion in the (obsolete) couplings which results in an extremely stiff drive.

Efficient air cooling results in a very high density of power which allows an extraordinary small design. The stiffness of the drive together with a high-resolution position-control-loop enables a remarkably stabile torque and thus precise positioning at low speed in "servo-quality". Integrated motors also offer better running smoothness, less vibration and less noise.

The modular Baumuller AC program has been expanded with Asynchronous motorsVDIK, with a max. output of 350 kW. In conjunction with digital converters such as BUM or BKH with operational cost saving regenerative power supply, these motors offer outstanding control characteristics which meet all requirements of mechanical engineering. Special low speed and low inertia designs are also available. Special designs such as highly sophisticated drives with a particular low inertia are also available.

The BUR 622 is an accessory to the BUB 622.

It is triggered by the BUS 622 and operates as a brake resistor with a continuous power of 2 kW. Short-term: 18 kW for 15 sec. max and 36 kW for 7 sec. max.

Using the BUR 622, the servo drive is able to decelerate in a shorter time and more often than would be possible using the resistor in the BUG or BUM on its own.

·  For a motor power of 70 kW Line connection via supply into the DC link with power recovery of brake energy

·  Minimal starting inrush thanks to sinusuoidal recovery

·  It is possible to connect BUS 621-624 to the DC link to use the full supply power

· Integrated as standard: Main contactor, charging circuit, line and DC link choke, safety relay· 

BKH 63

BUR 622

BUM 61

BUM 60

· For a motor power of 35 kW Line connection via supply into the DC link with power recovery of brake energy

· Minimal starting inrush thanks to sinusuoidal recovery

· It is possible to connect BUS 621-624 to the DC link to use the full supply power

· Integrated as standard: Main contactor, charging circuit, line and DC link choke, safety relay​

·   For a motor power of 9,14 or 18 kW V-controller integrated (the fastest available on the market)

·  Only 132 mm wide Brake resistor as a standard

The inexpensive variant BUS 61 without line recifier on its own is intended for multi-axis systems for the combination with the supply units BUG and BUC.

There is sufficient space for the technology card Omega-Drive-Line and connection cards for Profibus DP, Interbus S®, Sercos, CANsync®, CAN and other cards.·   

· For a motor power of 35 kW Integrated choke and integrated charging voltage, safety relay as an option

· The controller is designed as a cassette

· All option boards can be integrated Other converters of the types BUS 612 to BUS 624 can be connected to the line rectifier of the BUM 62, depending on the load.   

BUM 62

·  For a motor power of 70 kW Safety relay as option slot for V-controller or other controllers

·  There is sufficient space for additional function cards such as Omega-Drive-Line bus connection and others.·  

The BUB 622 can be connected additionally to the BUG or converters of the BUM series.

The BUB 622 contains the electronic triggering for an additional brake resistor. The BUR 622 or another, externally mounted resistor can be used as brake resistor.

When the servo drive is braked, kinetic energy from the motor is fed into the DC link. First, it charges the CD link capacitor. Other, excessive energy is supplied from the power resistor in the BUB 622 to a brake resistor at intervals. The maximal load of the transistor is 75 kW.

BUM 618-619

· Three Phase Current synchronous-, or asynchronous motors DS/DA

· Asynchronous motors VDIK

· Three Phase Current synchronous motors DS 540 V

· Disc Type motors

· DC shunt motors GN

· Three Phase Current integrated motors DKE

The modular design of the software and the software modules which can be linked as necessary, such as adder, multiplier, PI controller, etc. enable sophisticated applications without additional expenditure. The almost unlimited possibilities of internal, free wiring using the new ALINKS from Baumuller form the basis for fast and easy configuration, adapted to special applications.

The ALINKS are configured as necessary using the graphic user interface on the screen, e.g. using the function blocks reverser, filter, setpoint generator, actual value, and others. For customized control, all electronic cards of the Baumuller Omega control can be integrated additionally. This means that the BKD/F is state of the art amang brand new intelligent servo controllers, for a power up to 800 kW.

The BKD/BKF 7000 is designed for a large line supply range from 340 V to 550 V. The 7000 series enables an overload capacity for a shorttherm overload of 120% rated current. DC drives from 5 kW to 800 kW in four-quadrant operation (BKF), or up to 1,100 kW in one-quadrant operation (BKD) can thus be operated. The devices of the 7000 series use their full functionality together with a PLC, NC or CNC. The BKD/F 7000 with its RS 485 interface can be connected to the USS® protocol. The BKD/BKF7000 series can easily be adapted to other bus systems using option cards on the microprocessor board. The CANsync®, Interbus®, and Profibus® systems can be used as bus connections which are already familiar from the Baumuller V-controller.

BUB 622

Baumuller's DS series motors are maintenance-free, permanent magnet synchronous motors with a 6-pole design. Together with digital converters such as BUM/BKH or BUG/BUS, DS-motors combine the advantages of the controllable three phase current motor with the favorable control characteristics of a DC drive. DS-motors have been designed for all applications in the field of mechanical engineering which have particularly high dynamic standards, e.g. precise and quick positioning for handling path curves, for precise speed regulation or in general for automation purposes.

DS/HT/DA motors are part of the BMS modular system which has been designed to matched to the digital converters series: BUM (single axis), BKH (single axis with regenerative mains supply) and BUG/BUS (multi-axes-system).

Baumuller is using the modular motor design to provide a component , which adheres precisely to the customers' mechanical, and dynamic,requirements. Even the same mechanical outline allows a variety of cooling and mounting options: the class of protection (IP23 or IP54), the mounting of the motor (B3 feet, B5 flange, V1, etc.), synchronous or asynchronous type, speed and voltage adapted designs, etc.

DS/HT/DA motors cover a power range from 0.41 to 100 kW. Standard rated speeds of 300 rpm'-1 to 6,000 rpm'-1 are available. The frame size ranges from 80 to 160 mm (level of drive-shaft above mounting surface). In conjunction with Baumuller amplifiers all motors can be utilized as direct (gearless) drives. Due to sophisticated and high speed controllers inertia missmatch is no longer a major aspect in motor-load combination. Even critical applications allow the choice of best and cost effective motor size.selection. As a pioneer in the field of gearless drives, Baumuller has completely mastered applications for controlled drives with an inertia of the load being much higher than the one of the motor itself.· 

BUM 618 for wall mounting
BUM 619 for rack mounting
line contactor, supply unit, power unit, and controller unit in one compact drive

· For synchronous motors up to 1.5 kW, line: 3 x 230V

·Position control circuit and electronic gear are integrated 

BKH 62


Power modules:
BUS 621 to BUS 624
0.8 kW to 20 kW
The BUS (power modules to be mounted side by side) contain power transistors for the motor and a slot for the controller· 

​Supply modules:
BUG 622 (18kW) and BUG 623 (36 kW) with brake resistor, line rectifier, inrush current limitation, DC link choke and the control circuit for the brake resistor. BUC 624 and BUC 625 with controlled line rectifier for the power recovery of the brake energy from the motor.


BUM 63

Baumuller's DC disk type motors are permanent magnet motors with an ironless rotor for highly dynamic movement. They can be easily controlled via their speed feedback. Even at lowest speeds these motors operate without cogging. Their prime feature is space-saving and short design.

Machine manufacturers are often restricted by a compact design. For these requirements, Baumuller has integrated the complete electronic speed control electronics into a brushless disk-type motor (see left). Space for the electronic controls in an electric cabinet becomes obsolete.

·  As BUM 63, but motor power increases to 140 kW·  

BUM 64

·   Baumuller Stand Alone Unit BUM 60

·    In 3 steps for a motor power of 1.1/2.25 or 4.5 kW in four -quadrant operation. Integrated as standard: Making current limitation, line recifier, brake resistor with triggering, integrated controller, power transistor, technology card Omega-Drive-Line 0

·   Connection card for: Profibus DP, Interbus-S®, Sercos, CANsync®, CAN and other serial interface protocols

·   There is sufficient space for the technology card Omega Drive Line and other cards.